About Us

One Good Turn Deserves Another.

Bob and Laurel DeMattia live in Spring Hill, Florida. They also own a mountain cabin in Murphy,NC . It’s on Highway 64, near one of the most notorious patches of asphalt in the U.S. It’s right on U.S. 129 in North Carolina. That particular stretch of road is known as the “Tail of the Dragon”, by bikers from all over the world. It has 318 treacherous turns in an exhilarating 11-mile stretch. And like Daytona’s Bike Week, it attracks Hundreds of Thousands of Bikers and Visitors every year, Bob and Laurel included.

BobAfter riding the Dragon several times over many years, Bob, an avid rider, and owner of the Orange Crush, had visualized an Alligator imposed upon the State of Florida. He pictured it with its tail to the left over the panhandle, and its imposing figure draping down and over the state. He played with this visualizations for several years and finally decided to sketch the design from his visualizations, and put them on paper. To his amazement, it fit perfectly, just as he imagined it would.

From Bob’s initial design, he then created and mapped out a route that follows an impressive 864 miles. It takes you from Penscacola Beach, to Key West, Florida, with many other stops he has visited, along the “Thunder Trail”.  It’s origins date back to a ride he and several friends made to Key West, for the Peterson’s Poker Run in 1997.  Like him and his lovely wife Laurel have said, this is a journey not for the timid or the meek. It has now become known as his “Tail of the Florida Gator”.   And whether it’s traveled physically or in spirit, whether you’re riding the “Dragon”, in NC, or the “Tail of the Florida Gator”in Florida, Bob has always said, my heart will always belong to Florida.”The Mountains may have their dragons, But you Better Beware of the SWAMP!”

IMG_0499These products are a tribute to the unwavering dedication of a very serious motorcyclist who has been cruising the roads and highways across America, for over 50 years. It’s become a Brand of Apperal and Accessories. that pays homage to the very reasons we all ride. And you’ll look great wearing a Custom Design of one of the beautiful T-Shirts, in your choice of colors, style, and design. Don’t forget your Hats, Hoodies, Pins and Patches . So get ready to hit the “Thunder Trail” and let’s “Live to Ride”. and show your Florida Pride.